The agm of Rowing Ireland in Dublin was a quick affair with a small attendance; the big changes had already been made at the egm.
The board wants clubs to engage with the new Strategic Review for 2024 to 2030. Certainly, the task of striking the balance between prospering on the international stage and also building up the sport at club level could do with addressing. The first generates interest in the sport and creates role models for the second, but the two do not mesh as they might. Sponsorship and communications will surely be up for discussion.
In the accounts submitted to the agm, sponsorship in 2021 was €190,064 (which included Covid funding), while it was €49,918 in 2022. Registration fees, athlete levies and affiliation fees all went up in 2022.
The scheduled briefing at the agm on international rowing did not happen, as the hpd, Antonio Maurogiovanni was unable to address the meeting because of a pressing commitment in Australia.
The nominations for the new board were accepted, though Leinster did not nominate a representative. The line-up is: David Hussey (Coastal), Martin Hogan (Connacht/Ulster), Leinster (tbc), Pat Kinsella (Munster), Barry McWilliams (Northern Ireland), Aoibheann Treacy and Aisling Carpenter (Independent Directors nominated by the Board), Neville Maxwell (president) and Nessa Foley (secretary).