Ireland finished second to England in senior and junior men’s classes at the Home International Regatta in Lough Rinn in Leitrim today. The University of Limerick representatives did well, with Joe Tanner (pic courtesy Mark Kelly) winning the lightweight single, and also racing in the winning senior quadruple. The UL men’s pair representing Ireland also won.
The junior men’s pair and junior single sculler Alex Gillick also won.
The Ireland women’s team finished third in both senior and junior classes, with England topping the rankings and Scotland second.
The junior women’s four and coxed four also won.
There was some heavy rain coming to the end of the day, but conditions held up well and were very good for much of the day.

Overall Results:
Men – Senior: 1 England 36pts, 2 Ireland 31, 3 Scotland 24, 4 Wales 17
Junior: 1 England 37, 2 Ireland 29, 3 Scotland 18, 4 Wales 16
Women – Senior: 1 England 39, 2 Scotland 32, 3 Ireland 23, 4 Wales 18. Junior: 1 England 29, 2 Scotland 25, Ireland 23, Wales 23.