Two Olympic gold medallists – Ireland’s first in rowing. The first Ireland women’s crew to make the breakthrough to Olympic success. All good talkers, with stories to tell.

The Late Late Show had an open goal … and missed.

 Ryan Tubridy did a cutesy piece with Kellie Harrington in a car (not exactly original – James Corden’s been there, a lot). There wasn’t much time, but the Olympic gold medallist’s warmth and good nature came through.

 Maybe they should have put the next set of guests on a bus and had Ryan run up and down the aisle.

 Instead the Late Late lined them up on stools, demanded quick fire answers to stock questions. And then we’re done. Next please. Enjoy the long journeys home.

 Aidan Walsh, the boxer, told his story well, but come the rowers it was all grindingly familiar.

 If these were tongue-tied teens experiencing their first big day, there might have been some excuse.

 But Ryan Tubridy managed to make Paul O’Donovan seem ordinary. A hit in Rio, another step up in Tokyo, wowed Henley. The bearded warrior is surely well on the way to being honoured as our top sports personality this year.

 All the Late Late got from him was a few sentences and a shrug.

 Come on, RTÉ. Rowing is a serious sport. We’re on the crest of a wave.

 Do the work; mine the gold.