The coin toss for the Colours boat races was held at sun-graced Trinity today. Luck favoured the hosts, and Trinity’s men’s and women’s crews will race on their chosen North Station on March 25th.
Thomas Byrne, the Minister for Sport and Physical Education, did the honours. For the first time, the men’s captains of Trinity and UCD were both women: Isabel Doyle and Shauna Fitzsimons. The Doyle family are unique in this context, as Isabel’s brother, William Doyle and father, Michael Doyle, preceded her in the role in 2019 and 1984, respectively.
The Colours boat races on the Liffey in Dublin have moved away from the St Patrick’s weekend and will be held on Saturday, March 25th this year.
The order is:
12:30 Sally Moorhead Trophy (novice women)
1:00 Dan Quinn Shield (novice men)
1:30 Corcoran Cup (senior women)
2:00 Gannon Cup (senior men)
Our picture shows Isabel Doyle and Alicia O’Neill, men’s and women’s captains of Trinity, the Minister for Sport and Physical Education, Thomas Byrne and Ellie Scott and Shauna Fitzsimons, women’s and men’s captains of UCD.