First, this is not rowing, but a diversion we will sometimes take into paddlesports.
Kayak Cross (previously know as extreme slalom) is a new sport which is exciting to watch. Competitors launch themselves in numbers off a high platform and negotiate – quickly – a course with upstream and downstream gates. They use relatively cheap plastic boats. Contact and full roll overs are part of the race.
The kayak cross league run out of the Canoe Centre in Palmerstown has had the added attraction of being run at night with loud music, bright lights smoke machines – and even pizza on site. As the pictures show, crowds on the bank watched as the generally young paddlers took on the bubbling river.
Shane Cronin of the Canoe Centre said the weeknight timing was deliberate as it did not clash with the other commitments of parents at the weekend.
Kayak Cross will be part of the Olympic Games in Paris.