Ireland’s rowing schedule for the Olympic Games has changed because Monday’s programme has been cancelled due to a forecast of bad weather.
The Monday programme has been brought forward to Sunday. Sanita Puspure’s quarter final in the women’s single will now occupy one of the slots from 3.0 am to 3.30 am and the men’s double’s semis will be at 4.40 and 4.50.
The Saturday programme has taken on the women’s and men’s eights heats, so all Irish races, including the heats of the lightweight double sculls which features Aoife Casey and Margaret Cremen (above) are 30 minutes earlier.
For viewers in Ireland the times are:

1.10 – Philip and Ronan, Repechage M2x

1.40 – Monika and Aileen in W2-

2.20 – Mags and Aoife in Lw2x

3.00 – Fintan and Paul in Lm2x

3.30 – Aifric, Eimear, Fiona, Emily W4-